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About Us

"The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall."

Dennis Healey

Established in 1995, Cambridge Tax Practice is a small consultancy providing help to individuals and the smallest of businesses.

We provide tax return filing for individuals and accounts preparation, PAYE and VAT returns for small businesses.

We also look after UK nationals leaving the UK to live and work overseas, foreign nationals coming to the UK and UK expatriates all around the world.

Many expats retain some links with the UK - maybe a property in the UK with rental income, or perhaps they are seconded overseas for only a few years and need to plan their UK tax exposure.

We work with our clients mostly by email and there is usually no need for face to face meetings.

We file tax returns electronically with HM Revenue & Customs using an approved tax agent portal.

About Cambridge Tax Practice

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There are many tax related issues raised in this site.

UK tax law is complex so it is impossible to cover every situation in this limited format.

If you are having problems filing your tax return or need help on a tax issue you can contact us and we will answer your initial enquiry without charge and with no obligation on your part.

Our Clients

Most of our clients are individuals - either in the UK or overseas - but our client base also includes small companies and international corporations. Our work for corporate clients since 1995 has included :

HMRC Standards for Tax Agents

HM Revenue & Customs has published standards of conduct for both HMRC and tax agents to adhere to. We fully endorse this code of conduct. HMRC expect that all agents should -

    •    maintain high standards that promote tax compliance

    •    be straightforward and honest

    •    maintain the security of client information they hold

    •    act lawfully and with integrity at all times and expect the same from their clients

    •    maintain correct and up-to-date knowledge of the areas of tax that they deal with

    •    work to prevent errors in their clients’ tax calculations or claims

    •    avoid including figures in returns or claims which are unsubstantiated or speculative

    •    keep contemporary records of what they advise their clients and when they advise it

    •    advise their clients to take steps to set matters right when inaccuracies in their tax affairs are found

    •    comply fully with tax law and regulations relating to their professional activity

    •    never ask any client to share their Government Gateway user ID and password

    •    only access client data by getting authorisation and viewing it through their online agent services account

The full details are at  the link below :


Case Studies

Click here for some examples of the work we have undertaken for clients.